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Use this search engine to find internationally-published journals and rank them by price per article or citation. This is the 2004 site, using 2002 data. Because of a change in the way that the citations are calculated, the 2006 site using the 2004 citation data are not directly comparable. The 2006 site.

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More information about journal pricing is available at Ted Bergstrom's Journal Page. Here are some of our opinions. Here are summary statistics. Finally, here is an explanation of the calculations.

This website represents our best attempt to compute the price per article and price per citation. Currently we use the 1998 to 2002 ISI data and the 2004 prices, which are the most recent data available to us. Not all journals report information the same way, and errors are possible. Moreover, prices per unit for journals that have recently expanded are underestimated. The coloration (red for very low value, yellow for low value, and green for good value) is computed by comparing the composite price index to the median for non-profit journals in the same subject. Be advised that price per citation, price per article and the composite index are not perfect measures of value. Neither of us are experts in most of the fields represented, and others may reasonably, or unreasonably, disagree with the value assessment. We have mapped a large set of journal categories into 17 areas. Here is the full mapping.

This site was created by Ted Bergstrom and Preston McAfee. We thank Vera te Velde for terrific assistance. Report an error, but note that if a journal is missing, usually it is because Ulrich's or Thomson's JPI is missing necessary data, and such errors should be reported directly to them. We have changed obvious errors and a list of changes and explanations is given in the changelog.